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How To Navigate Social Media Safely

May 02, 2024

By My Growing Pains

The internet is vast and can expose you to some truly wonderful things. However, since the internet is so unregulated, there’s chance that you can encounter some not-so-nice situations.

The internet can be a dangerous place. There are a lot of different people on there and you cannot control how people choose to operate on these social media platforms. However, you can control what you do.

Here are the best practices to stay safe and to keep others safe:

  • 1. Do Not Overshare
  • 2. Do Not Dox
  • 3. Utilize the Block and Report
  • 4. Don’t Take Things Too Personally
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Do Not Overshare

At times, the internet can be a space where you can feel safe enough to want to share every single thing that is going on in your life. Unfortunately, this is false. Do not share so many aspects of your life on the internet.

If you are on vacation, wait until after you return to post the pictures. Don’t post pictures that can easily identify where you live, where you work, or what car you drive.

Do Not Dox

Doxing is the act of revealing someone’s address, contact information, and other private details about a person over the internet. Doxing can put someone’s life in danger. You may think it to be a harmless act, but you never know what someone’s situation is.

Don’t compromise the life and well-being of another person just because they upset you over the internet.

Utilize the Block and Report

Sometimes, you will encounter people that make you uncomfortable or get in conflict with others. Blocking is not petty or immature, on the contrary, it can be a pretty mature response to avoid things getting out of control.

If you see someone being inappropriate or posting illegal content on any social media app, report it. These features are there for a reason. Use them wisely.

Don’t Take Things Too Personally

No matter what you do, there are always going to be three reactions to it from others: like, dislike, neutral. Not everyone is going to be kind to you on the internet, do not take things too seriously. If someone makes an unsolicited comment on your looks, block them and ignore it. It is what it is.

Do not expect everyone to like you. Do what makes you happy and understand that more likely than not, it had nothing to do with you. Some people just want a punching bag to take out their frustrations on.


The internet can be pretty bizarre. But as long as you know how you can safely navigate it; everything should be fine. Of course, anything can happen, but stay alert and be discreet.

Minimize your time on the app and do your best to be kind and sensible.

Written by Doreen Chirwa · My Growing Pains