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Weekly Tasks To Get You By

April 28, 2024

By My Growing Pains

Every Sunday, I unload my dishwasher, wash and fold my laundry, and mop my floors. Why? To me, these tasks take a bit more time, and need some good ol’ tender loving care. I dedicate some time, typically in the morning, to these tasks so that everything is perfect.

With daily tasks like loading the dishwater, or wiping the countertops, you can do these mindlessly. But the weekly tasks stated below need more attention to detail. They need you fully present. These are the weekly tasks you can do:

  • 1. Unload your dishwasher/Clear your rack
  • 2. Vacuum/Mop the floors
  • 3. Clean your bathroom
  • 4. Do laundry
  • 5. Meal Plan
  • 6. Take out trash
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Unload Dishwasher/Clear Dish Rack

Throughout the week you have been adding used and rinsed dishes to your dishwasher, or you have cleaned your dishes and placed them on the drying rack. Now it’s time to unload them and place them back where they need to be. Inspect the dishes, and make sure there are no leftover water marks. If there are, grab a microfiber towel and wipe them clean.

You should already have a system for where you put your plateware, so neatly stack those plates and row those cups. When you are done, look in your dishwasher and make sure none of the soap capsule exterior is stuck anywhere. Check your sink and rinse it out.

Vacuum and Mop Your Floors

As we go through the week, we sometimes walk all over our floors with outside shoes on. You can’t always know what you are stepping in as you are going about your day, so tracking all that dirt and grime into your home, where you walk around with your raw feet, is gross. Here what you need to do:

To wash your dishes, you need:

  • VACCUM/SWEEP - If you cannot afford a vacuum, don’t worry, brooms are cheap but require a little more arm work. Vacuum/broom to get rid of all the dust and crumbs.
  • MOP - I highly recommend the Swiffer wet jet mop that sprays the cleaning solution where you want and lets you mop that area all with the press of the button. Also comes with refillable pads that you can change when you are ready to clean a new area. I typically use one pad for my bathrooms and use another for every other room. It is a lifesaver.

Clean Bathroom

Get some bleach or oxiclean foam bathroom spray, a scrub daddy, and wear some clothes you do not mind getting dirty. Start with the shower/bathtub and make your way around the bathroom. Scrub the bathtub or shower, get a cup, fill it with water and rinse. You’ll know it’s clean when you start admiring your reflection.

Now, if you read our daily tasks checklist, you’ll know what you have been consistently wiping your countertops. Give them some love, get some multipurpose spray, and wipe them again. Get some glass cleaner and wipe your mirror. Organize your skincare, remove any trash, and dust your floors. Mop and you are all done! Now gawk at yourself in your clean mirror because you just did what needed to be done! Go you!

Do Laundry

Now it’s time to wash your laundry. This is the most time-consuming process. It takes me roughly 2 hours to wash and dry my clothes and another hour to fold and put them up. During the washing and drying process, I recommend you do the other tasks. Start with this task first! Knock some tasks out like taking out the trash and unloading your dishwasher. It’s all about maximizing your time and energy.

If you’re like me, you probably already have a separate laundry basket that separates your colors for you as you put them in throughout the week. If not, check this out.

How to do laundry:

  • 1. Separate your colors.
  • 2. Based on load, follow the instructions on the detergent bottle.
  • 3. Once you start the laundry, start your timer, and go do something else.
  • 4. Once the timer is done, go put the wet clothes in the dryer, and start your timer again.
  • 5. When the timer is finished, go get your clothes.
  • 6. Place the colors separate from each other to make the folding process easier.
  • 7. Fold your clothes and hang them up or put them in your drawer.
  • 8. Check out this cool video on how to fold your clothes.

Check out this video on how to fold clothes!

Meal Plan

I hate cooking sometimes. And I know you do too. It can be tedious as hell, but we need to eat. It’s so easy to just go to the fast food restaurant and get a big mac, but your wallet can’t afford to keep doing that. Plan our your meals! There are a ton of great meal plan ideas out there.

Here are some of my favorites:

Take Out Trash

This is pretty self-explanatory. Take out your trash. Although, make sure you have checked all of your rooms for trash before heading out to do so. This will save you from that annoying back and forth of finding trash you forgot.


Now, there are a plethora of things that you can do once a week, but I believe these are the most important.

Get to it! You got this!

Written by Doreen Chirwa · My Growing Pains